The purpose of a flood control system is to prevent water and sewage from backing up. Residences as well as places of business may include flood control systems in Chicago, IL, in their plumbing setup. If you’re building a new structure or remodeling an old one, here are some of the elements that may be included in this type of system.

One of the more common elements is the sump pump. This is often included as a safeguard when there are areas of the building that are below ground level. For example, a sump pump could be in place to ensure that water does not back up in a bathroom located in the basement.

Adding a backwater valve is also an option. As the name implies, this type of valve allows you to close a plumbing line and prevent water that has been carried away from the structure from coming back. This type of valve is often manual, allowing you to close and open it at will.

You will also find that many flood control systems in Chicago, IL, include standpipes. These pipes are installed vertically and can be used to trap backwater rather than allow it to fill a basement area. The goal is to contain the water until the flooding issue is corrected.

A plumbing contractor can evaluate the type of flood control the building needs and provide suggestions for what to add to the system. You may find these or other solutions would apply for your space.

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