Do You Need Flood Control Installation?

Flood Control System

Those who own homes and who have basements have probably all worried and wondered at some point what would happen if their basement were to become flooded. Dealing with any flooding in the home is trouble, and one of the biggest causes of property damage does happen to be basement flooding. The basement could flood for a range of reasons. It might occur because of a burst pipe, problems with the water heater, or even when the weather is too rainy and the ground cannot absorb all of the water.

Since flooding is such a problem, it means that you need to have a way that you can more easily protect your home. Flood control installation is one of the best options to consider.

With the system installed in your home, it is going to help keep your home or business’s basement safer from flooding. This ensures that there is less moisture in the home, which means less damage and fewer costly repairs later. Good flood control systems are going to be capable of handling flooding, including both minor and more serious floods. This helps to keep your home’s basement safer. Standing water, even a small amount, can cause serious damage in a relatively short period of time.

Ultimately, when you have one of the flood control systems in place, it will mean that you have fewer costly repairs and problems down the road. While you might like to think that your basement is never going to flood, there is always the risk that it will. Therefore, you want to have one of these systems in place sooner rather than later. It is a much better option than trying to deal with the aftermath of a flood.

Work With the Best

When you decide that you want to have flood control installation, you need to be aware that this is not the type of job that you can do on your own. You are going to need to have installation from professional plumbers who will be able to install the system properly, and who can take care of it quickly. Naturally, you want to work with the best plumbers for the job. However, you will want to remember that not all plumbers are going to be well-versed in flood control installation and the various systems that are available. Always be sure you are working with the very best.

Do You Need Flood Control Systems in Chicago, IL?

Flood Control System

Having flood control systems in Chicago, IL can be extremely important for your home or your business. If you do not have one of these systems in place, and you have a basement, you might have noticed some issues in the home already. For example, you might have noticed that there has been dampness in the basement or even some water that has entered the home.


Benefits of Flood Control Systems


If you end up with a basement that is flooded, it is going to be costly to repair, and it is going to take time. Most basements are going to have concrete flooring, and if you have standing water in the basement, it could cause some serious problems with cracking over time.


Also, you have to consider the cost of losing belongings that you might have in the basement. Not only could it be financially costly to replace some of those items, but there may be an emotional attachment to those items. You surely do not want them to be destroyed. When you have the proper flood control system installed, you can provide your property with the added protection it needs.


You Need Professional Installation


Knowing that you need one of these systems is one thing, but getting it installed is another thing entirely. These systems can be complicated, and you do not want to try to take care of the installation on your own. Instead, you are going to need to make sure that you are working with professionals. They can ensure that the system is installed correctly the first time, and they can do it in far less time than if you were to try a DIY option to protect your home from flooding.


Remember the Maintenance


Once you have the system installed, you will need to remember that it must have proper maintenance to be sure it is working properly. Having a plumbing company that can not only install the system, but that can also check up on it occasionally, is very helpful for the overall safety of your property.


If you need to have flood control systems in Chicago, IL for your property, you will want to be sure that you are working with only the very best. Be sure that you get in touch with North Coast Sewer & Drainage.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plumber

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plumber

Hiring Park Ridge plumbers aren’t quite as easy as choosing one at random, making a phone call, and having them come out to help you. Choosing the right plumber is a more in-depth process that a homeowner must take seriously. Plumbers are tasked with repairing important components of the home, like the water heater, toilet, and faucets. Selecting an inexperienced plumber can lead to costly repairs in the future. Because of that, there are a few things you should consider while making your decision.




If you are located in a state that requires plumbers are licensed, make sure to get affirmation that the company only uses licensed workers. In Illinois, you can search the Department of Public Health to determine if a plumber is properly licensed. This is the first thing you should verify, as you do not want someone working on your plumbing which isn’t qualified to do so.




Any plumber you use for repairs or installation must have insurance. Most of the time, it is also expected that they will be bonded. The reason this is important is both because the person working for you and yourself are protected in a case where the plumber has an accident or is injured working on your property.




Find out how long the plumber has been in the business. If you choose a large company, most plumbers will have many years of experience, but you should always ask. Any company that has been around for a few years often has a track record of good work, which will be an advantage for you.




While every plumber should be capable of guaranteeing their work, not all of them offer this. For the best value, look for plumbers who offer a guarantee on labor as well as on parts. You’ll find most warranties are for a year or more. If the plumber isn’t comfortable guaranteeing their work, it’s time to choose someone else.




When you work with Park Ridge plumbers, you should expect them to be able to offer an estimate that is close to the final price. You should always get estimates from multiple workers to be certain the prices are similar. If you find one is very low, it’s best to choose the others. An extremely low price may mean they cut corners or use subpar parts.


At North Coast Sewer & Drainage, we offer a full line of plumbing services and would be happy to help you. You can learn more about us at

What a Good Plumber can Do for You

Park Ridge Plumbers

If you’re looking at Park Ridge plumbers, odds are you may already have a plumbing issue that needs attention. However, a licensed plumber may be able to offer other services that you may not have been aware of. Here are a few of the things a plumber can do for your property.

Drain Cleaning

A drain cleaning is one of the most common types of problems a plumber may be asked to take care of. In most cases, these occur in a bathroom where hair and soap can build up and clog the drain. But kitchen and laundry drains may also become clogged. Routine cleaning can help keep drains clear.

Flood System

A flood system installation is one service a plumber may offer that not many people think about. These systems are designed to keep water from pooling in your basement and can help prevent things like the growth of mold and bacteria, as well as the water seepage problems that could lead to foundation cracking.

Pipe Repairs

Most Park Ridge plumbers can conduct pipe repairs if there is a problem. The type of repair and tools used depend on where the repair is needed, the type of pipe, and the nature of the damage. Your plumber should be able to assess the situation and inform you of the repair requirements.


There are several types of clean-outs a plumber can perform depending on blockage and plumbing type. Rodding is the term used for a traditional clean-out in which a tool called cutter is used to remove pipe blockages. A rodding clean-out can be done from inside a property when there is limited access from outside. If there is a particularly bad blockage, a jetting clean-out may be performed instead.


Your sewage system may also need maintenance or repair from time to time. A licensed plumber may be able to help with a variety of sewer needs from clearing blockages, to pump repair or replacement. The exact process will depend on the type of problem and the system you have installed. Your plumber should be able to answer any questions.


Remember, there are a lot of services Park Ridge plumbers can offer your home. Whether you need a drain cleaned, pipe repairs, a flood system installation, or a clean-out, a licensed plumber should be able to help. If you don’t know the exact nature of your problem, your plumber should be able to assess the situation and let you know what exactly is going on.

Why Flood Control Systems Are Imperative

Flood Control Systems

A flooded basement can be any homeowner’s nightmare. The cost, the time and the stress can quickly become overwhelming. Life is not static, and water waits for no one to make repairs before it sweeps in and causes serious damage. There are many steps you can do around your home to ensure your property has good drainage, such as maintaining your gutters or re-grading your property to slant down from your house. However, installing flood control systems is a job for the professionals. This is one important step in preventing water damage in a basement that you will not want to miss. Here are some things to consider about your home and why this installation is imperative.
Concrete is Porous
Do you have cracks in your basement floor? It could be sign water has already seeped into the porous concrete floor. Even if water is not the initial cause of the cracks, when there is a crack in the concrete, it allows water to enter the home more effectively. A small water leak over time will cause your floor to crack and weaken. It is best to look into and repair minor basement cracks. Different types of cracks, on the walls, ceiling, and floors occur for different reasons and it can be confusing to figure it out for yourself. A professional who is skilled in understanding foundation cracks can quickly assess if you have a minor or major issue or no issue.
Your Home is Worth It
Water damage to your basement can also mean moisture or water may be getting into the joint system of your home and affect the foundation. If you see cracks in your walls or ceiling, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the structure of your home. Always have a professional check cracks and weakened areas of your home. You have invested a lot of time and money in your home. Not immediately investigating potential issues of your home could mean serious issues are building up around the bend. Delaying could also lower the value of your home.
Professional Assurance
Flood control systems are a multi-stage integrated way to help you protect one of your most valuable assets. By installing one, you ensure your basement is maintained, just as you take care the rest of your home. When you have one installed, you will also have the assurance that a professional is there for your family. They provide service checks and answer any questions or concerns you have about your home.
To have one less thing to do and stress about is value in itself. Call the professionals and leave the worrying to someone else.

Signs You Need to Re-Pipe Your House

Plumbing Repipe

The thought of re-piping your house may seem scary, but in some cases it may be necessary. You may be wondering how you can even tell if the pipes in your home need to be replaced. However, there are a few signs you can look for that may reveal you need new pipes installed. It might be time for you to look for re-piping specialists in Skokie, IL.
Tainted Water
The water that comes out of your faucets or showerheads should be clear. If the water seems to have a weird brown color, it may be an indication that something is wrong with the pipes. Corrosion of the pipes is typically behind this problem.
It is also important to know that corrosion of the pipes can also cause pieces of the pipe to crumble and fall into your water supply. This can be another reason for the strange color you are seeing in your water.
Frequent Water Leaks
If your pipes are leaking, it can be a major sign that you may need to get a whole new piping system for your home. The main culprit is corrosion, which can cause your pipes to gradually weaken over time. If you notice frequent leaks make sure you start looking for re-piping specialists in Skokie, IL.
Reduced Water Pressure
Reduced water pressure can also be a symptom of a larger piping problem in your indoor plumbing. You may first notice this when you are washing dishes or taking a shower. The decrease in water pressure may be so gradual that you may not notice the changes right away.
Loud Pipes
The pipes in your house shouldn’t be making loud noises. If you notice odd noises coming from your pipes it can be yet another sign that your pipes may need to be superseded. Pipes only last for so long before they need a replacement. If your house is more than twenty years old, you may especially want to look into getting new pipes.
As you can see, there are quite a few signs that may indicate your indoor plumbing pipes are on the verge of failing. Remember to look for discolored water, reduced water pressure, noisy pipes and recurring water leaks. It is important to contact a professional as soon as you notice any of these signs so that you can get a new piping system. There are re-piping specialists in Skokie, IL that are equipped to deal with these kinds of plumbing issues.

Benefits of Having a Flood Control System

Flood Control System

Basements are a common feature in many houses these days but these rooms can be more prone to flooding or water damage. Unfortunately, a severe storm accompanied by flash flooding is all it takes to overflow a basement. Having a flood control system installed may help reduce the chance of water overflowing. There are several key benefits to having a Glenview flood control system put in place.
Shields Your Home
First of all, a flood control system can help defend your home against unforeseen flooding or water leakage. Water damage often plagues basements that are left unfinished or consist of a surface like concrete, which can deteriorate if left exposed to pooling water.
It is not possible to completely prevent water leaks since most of them are unexpected. However, by having a flood control system in place you may be able to reduce the risk of a future water problem occurring in your basement.
Save Money in the Long Run
Floods often come out of nowhere with little notice ravaging anything in its path. The damage that is often left behind is costly. By simply having a flood control system in place, you may be able to minimize the risk of potential destruction.
Many people have flood insurance in place to help cover the costs of significant damage to their homes, but it is important to note that these insurance policies will not cover all of the structural loss.
Access to Professional Upkeep
Another benefit to having a flood control system installed is that you will have access to professional routine checkups. These periodic maintenance appointments will ensure that your flood control system is functioning properly. It is important to make sure the system will be ready should you need to use it.
As you can see, there are several benefits to having a Glenview flood control system installed in your house. It may be able to save your home or basement from extensive flood damage, which can be expensive and time consuming.
Lastly, here are three flood prevention techniques you can implement to lessen the risk of flooding in or around your home. The best way to avoid the risk of flooding is by living further away from an area that is prone to floods. Also, keep an emergency readiness kit that is filled with food, water and first aid materials. It would also be a good idea to know the evacuation routes for the area you live in.

Plumbing Problems: Can’t Live With Them….


Plumbing problems can be stressful and irritating. Unlike making dinner and doing the laundry, most people don’t have the skills to solve a serious plumbing issue. When you turn on the faucet, you expect clean water to come out. When you flush the toilet, you expect things to be disposed of quickly and efficiently. You expect water to be where it belongs and nowhere else. So what do you do when things don’t function as you expect? Park Ridge plumbers may be able to use some of their expertise and specialized tools to get you out of a messy situation.


No Water Pressure

Low water pressure is something many people who live in older homes have to deal with. If your home is more than 10-15 years old, chances are the plumbing was done with galvanized pipe, which is known for collecting hard water deposits. As the hard water deposits build up on the inside of the pipe, especially around joints and corners, the opening of water to travel through becomes narrower. This reduces the amount of water that can flow through your pipes, thus reducing your water pressure. The simple solution is to replace the problem pipes with either copper or PVC pipe. This will give you nice clean lines to work with and should eliminate your water pressure problems.


Sewer Lines and Water Lines

Sewer lines and water lines can be a little tricky. They are usually located underground, at least three feet deep. This can make them hard to locate and even more difficult to repair. Before digging up your entire yard, you may want to contact a plumber. They often own or have access to, line video surveillance equipment that can inspect the inside of your pipes to help determine the real problem before ruining your beautiful lawn. Many plumbers also have a tracer which can help locate pipes so that if they do have to dig a hole, they can dig in the right spot the first time.



If you are worried about the bill, many plumbing companies will come look at the problem and provide a consultation for free. That way, you can decide on a plan of action before committing to anything. Some companies charge a reasonable service fee for coming to your home, but agree to apply that cost to any repairs you have done.


Plumbing problems are a hassle and always seem to pop-up at the worst possible time. Park Ridge plumbers can help you get your plumbing back in running order in no time.

You’ve Never Had a Problem Before. Why Worry Now?

Flood Control System

Flood control systems are something many people don’t think about. Whether you have a brand new home or have been living there for several years, if you haven’t had to deal with a flood, it isn’t likely something you think about regularly. However, when a flood happens in your home, you may wish you had thought about it more.



Weather is one of the leading causes of flooding in many areas. Whether your town receives record rainfall or snowfall for the year, you experience a hurricane, or flash floods race down the streets of your neighborhood, the abnormal volume of water may result in higher sub-water levels and a greater possibility of water entering homes and other buildings. While you may live for many years with no problems at all, it only takes one year with extreme weather to cause flooding and serious damage to your home.


Other common causes of flooding are sewer or septic or high sub-water problems. Back-flow preventers can help keep your water from becoming contaminated in the case of problems with water backing up, and sump pumps can help remove water from your basement quickly and efficiently. Many people choose to have them installed in their home to keep their basements dry no matter what the weather is like outside or what the sub-water is doing.


Mold and Mildew

Once you have experienced a flood in your home, it is important to make sure you get everything dried out and cleaned up properly. When water enters a home with a cement foundation, the cement absorbs the water which can cause cracking. It can then be more difficult to keep moisture out of your home.


During a flood, water may also absorb into finished walls, requiring sections of wall to be removed and replaced. If this is not done properly, mold and mildew may grow inside of the walls causing harmful mold spores to become part of the air you breathe. By removing everything from the flooded area and drying things out completely, you can help eliminate serious problems in the future.


While flooding is not something anyone wants to think about, it is always a good idea to be aware of what might happen in your area. By being prepared, you can protect your home and keep your family safe from unexpected problems. Flood control systems can provide peace of mind and help prevent problems for your home in the future.

Are You in the Flood Zone?

Flood Control Installation

If you were in the Chicago area this past July, you may remember the torrential rain that caused flash flooding and serious damage to many homes. The heavy rains also caused nearby rivers to fill above flood levels and levees to be in danger of failing. It was a scary situation that caused a lot of damage to many families. While flood control systems in Chicago, IL may not stop the risk of future floods completely, it can certainly help reduce the damage done and the amount of time it takes to get things cleaned up.



When water fills a home due to flooding, one of the biggest problems is getting the water back outside where it belongs. While many families have to wait for a rescue team to help them clean up, those who choose to install a sump pump may be able to keep the majority of the water out of their home and remove anything that does get in quickly. Not only does this allow the family to return to normal activity sooner, but it can also reduce the amount of damage done due to water sitting on the foundation and soaking into walls and fixtures. The quicker the water is removed, the less damage will be done.


Power Outages

Power outages are another problem when there are heavy rains and flooding. No power means no sump pump which can lead to flooding indoors. Fortunately, there is now a battery back-up sump pump available. The battery back-up will ensure that your sump pump continues to remove any water from your house in the event of a power outage.



Insurance is often higher for homeowners in flood zones. Insurance companies know that if a home is in a flood zone, they will likely have more flood claims than homes in areas outside of flood zones. Because of this, homeowners insurance for these homes is often higher. By adding a sump pump to your home, you not only reduce the chances of having serious damage due to flooding, but you may also reduce your insurance premium.


Flooding is something you probably don’t want to think about or have to deal with. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, it is a fact of life. Flood control systems in Chicago, Illinois can help you reduce the damage to your home in the event of a flood and can also give you a little peace of mind in the meantime.

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