Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plumber

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plumber

Hiring Park Ridge plumbers aren’t quite as easy as choosing one at random, making a phone call, and having them come out to help you. Choosing the right plumber is a more in-depth process that a homeowner must take seriously. Plumbers are tasked with repairing important components of the home, like the water heater, toilet, and faucets. Selecting an inexperienced plumber can lead to costly repairs in the future. Because of that, there are a few things you should consider while making your decision.




If you are located in a state that requires plumbers are licensed, make sure to get affirmation that the company only uses licensed workers. In Illinois, you can search the Department of Public Health to determine if a plumber is properly licensed. This is the first thing you should verify, as you do not want someone working on your plumbing which isn’t qualified to do so.




Any plumber you use for repairs or installation must have insurance. Most of the time, it is also expected that they will be bonded. The reason this is important is both because the person working for you and yourself are protected in a case where the plumber has an accident or is injured working on your property.




Find out how long the plumber has been in the business. If you choose a large company, most plumbers will have many years of experience, but you should always ask. Any company that has been around for a few years often has a track record of good work, which will be an advantage for you.




While every plumber should be capable of guaranteeing their work, not all of them offer this. For the best value, look for plumbers who offer a guarantee on labor as well as on parts. You’ll find most warranties are for a year or more. If the plumber isn’t comfortable guaranteeing their work, it’s time to choose someone else.




When you work with Park Ridge plumbers, you should expect them to be able to offer an estimate that is close to the final price. You should always get estimates from multiple workers to be certain the prices are similar. If you find one is very low, it’s best to choose the others. An extremely low price may mean they cut corners or use subpar parts.


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