Q1. Why is it necessary to rod my sewer?
Ans: It is always important to maintain your sewer because of sewer roots intruding our sewer systems. Especially in the Chicago land area, Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Niles and Park Ridge areas.

Q2. Why does my house flood during big rains?
Ans2: Houses typically flood because of massive rain falls draining to the same sewer system; just like traffic building on a highway, when the water has no where to go it goes right back into our service lines and up our basement floor drains.

Q3. What is the difference between a gravity sewer and a overhead sewer?
Ans3: Plumbers run sewers underneath the foundation of residential homes with a slight pitch to the city’s main sewer tap (these are usually the homes that flood from big rains). As time progresses, plumbing technology did as well. Plumbers started putting sewers through the foundation above the cities main and this allowed homes to stay dry during massive rains. Gravity means below and overhead means above the homes foundation.

Q4. Why and when is it necessary to change my water heater once in a while?
Ans4: Six years is the typical time to exchange your water heater for a new one. Our cities tap water has additives in the water that cause different minerals to build up inside the water heater, making the unit less effective. Nothing is worse then waiting for your warm water to come, or worse none at all. This is not only a waste of energy, but also a waste of time.

Q5. Why does my house have little or no water pressure when turned on?
Ans5: Simple, the only pipe available (when your home was built) may have been a galvanized pipe. Inside the galvanized pipe calcium and rust develops and clogs your water flow. Now copper material is the replacement for new plumbers everywhere today, this is much cleaner and allows for pressure to build and flow smoothly throughout the plumbing in your home.

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