No one wants to be surprised by a flooded basement. Fortunately, these incidents don’t have to happen. Check out these tips for flood control in Niles, IL, from local plumbers.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a helpful, money-saving piece of plumbing equipment that protects basements and lower levels from flooding. Yet, many homes in Niles don’t have a sump pump installed. Some homes have a sump pump rough-in that includes the pit, but they don’t have the most essential part which is the pump.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

The main function of a sump pump is to remove the water before it breaks through the home’s foundation. On stormy days, when lots of rain falls in a matter of minutes or hours, all that liquid might build up under a home’s foundation. Sometimes, this is because of a grading issue, and other times it is just bad luck. If the water doesn’t have any place to go, what happens is it finds small cracks in the home’s foundation and seeps into the lowest level of the structure.

A sump pump detects rising water levels beneath the foundation’s surface and turns on when the water gets to a predetermined level. The pump removes the water through a pipe out the side of the house to avert flooding.

Install a Battery Back-up

Sump pumps run off electricity and, if the electricity is off even for a short time, flooding may happen. Installing a battery-operated backup pump offers continuous protection.

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