At some point, everyone has a plumbing issue. Some plumbing problems can easily be resolved with a plunger like a shallow clog in the toilet or sink. Others, require the expertise of a skilled Skokie plumber. Here are three residential plumbing issues that a plumber should always handle.

Multiple Clogged Drains

Households having multiple drainage issues should seek the help of a licensed plumber. Any time more than one drain is clogged this is a sign that there’s a blockage deep within the drainage system. If the bathroom tub fills when the toilet is flushed or other drains in the home overflow, this indicates an obstruction within the sewer system. Using a handheld auger, a plunger, or a drain cleaning solution won’t fix this problem.

Leaky Pipes

Plumber’s tape is something every household should have on hand to stop small leaks temporarily, but permanent fixes are always recommended. A leaky pipe might seem like a straightforward repair, but it’s important to figure out the root cause of the leak. Fixing a leaky pipe without knowing the cause could be dealing with the same problem weeks or months down the road. Call a plumber to diagnose the problem and make permanent repairs.

Gas Leaks

Households that suspect they have a gas leak should first call their natural gas provider to identify where the leak is coming from. Next, a call should be placed to a plumber to have the repairs made to the gas line.

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