Our Niles Flood Control Process & Brought to You by Our Niles Plumbers

Niles Flood Control Process. Brought to you by our Niles plumbers.

North Coast Sewer & Drainage, Niles Plumbers installs flood control systems on a regular basis. When we receive calls from Niles homeowners that need help due to water back flowing through their basement we send our Niles Plumbers to handle the job. The village of Niles has a flood control program for its village people.

Flood Control Installation

If flooding occurs, the first thing the homeowner should do is call their local Niles plumber to get an estimate or consultation. Once an appointment is made, the investigating process to determine the cause of the situation can be done. Once the problem is determined, and the solution being a better flood control system, our plumbers will then check the circuit panel. What he is looking for is panel space. A flood control system comes with and ejector pump inside the vault. That pump has to be on its own dedicated circuit. So now North Coast Sewer and Drainage has determined that you need a flood control system, has found open circuit space and has the depth of your sewer from checking your catch basin to your sewer. He can now give you a formal estimate to installing a flood control system and start the permit process.


Now comes the installation process. The first step is to locate the sewer. Once located, the excavating process begins. All dirt and debris is to be hauled away all the way down to the sewer. Once down to the sewer the potable drinking water line is rerouted around the vault of the basin that sits on the flood control unit. Inside the vault you will find two double guard back water valves and a six inch backflow spill tee. If the valves become shut from backflow, then the rain water will spill into the ejector pump pit and then the pump will start and force it out in front of the closed valves. Once the flood control system is installed properly and inspected by the Niles plumbing inspector, then we can backfill your hole with torpedo sand and clean the mess, leaving your property clean and sanitary.



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